Taking the Breath of Giants

by Motivated By Silence

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released November 19, 2011

Produced By John Golden & Motivated By Silence
Mixed & Mastered By John Golden
Recorded At Tritone Studios In Clermont, FL
Art Direction & Design Done By Bo Bradshaw
All Songs & Lyrics Written By Motivated By Silence



all rights reserved


Motivated By Silence Orlando, Florida

Hard-hitting in-your-face riffs, rhythmic breakdowns, epic sweeping solos, and melodic yet dissonant shredding are what you get with Motivated By Silence, a quintet out of Orlando, FL. Started in 2005, MBS brings it to the table with influences not only from the wide range of the metal spectrum, but also from all walks of the musical playing field. ... more

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Track Name: Ocean's End
Against this whirlwind of relentless carnage;
Bury your roots deep into the earth.
Hold your own.
Taking every hit one after the other,
You start to feel fire growing inside, still:
Hold your own.

Find your strength to guard these inhibitions.
Now is the time to discover your own way out.
The answers are right in front of your bloodshot eyes.
The last puzzle piece is ready to solve:

“I am a stone, flowing through you.
I am a stone, flowing through swells of angry sea.
An endless act of nature’s fury,
The raging current tries so hard just to seize me,
To take me with it back down into the void.
This will not be the end. I must move onward.
This will not be the end. I must move on.”
In everything that I’ve found beautiful,
I understand it begins in the dark.
Don’t take your last breath,
Not until you conquer your own fear of the abyss.

The ground quakes in an effort to shake you,
You stand firm just to carry on.
Hold your own.
Taking every step one after the other.
You are defiant to the bitter end.
Hold your own.
Pathways to truth aren’t free of complications.
The road less traveled isn’t one that you’ll soon forget.
The answers are right in front of your bloodstained hands.
The last puzzle piece is ready to solve:

Don’t take your last breath,
You must conquer the abyss.
Track Name: The Dark Flood
Water fills my lungs,
as I watch the surface disappear.

I'm falling into the darkness,
Horrified of where I'm going.
I’ll vanquish this life of mine & learn to sink or swim.

I can't let this ship go down without a fight;
I'm between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Raise the sails,
Set your sight on the horizon to take on this maelstrom.
Pray this night won't be our last.

Let's brace against the dark flood,
and make our final stance.
Consumed with fear I know that I am not alone.

A struggle of colossal proportion, within ourselves.
So take the wheel and make this life yours.

I am the captain of my own fate.
Track Name: Keys of Ruin
Annihilation of this entire world;
Trained to consume every single reserve,
Slowly turning into desolate wasteland.
Is now concealed right in front of our eyes.

Welcome to self-infliction.
Revered as benediction.

Give all that you have to give.
At long last, it’s time to truly live for today.
Arise and let go the mistakes of the past.
To overcome these days ahead we all have to hold steadfast.

Unlocking ruin is the game.
Watching it all go up in flame.

Move with all you have to move.
Have heart; it’s time to prove yourself after all.
Arise and let go the mistakes of the past.
To overcome these days ahead we all have to hold...

I feel the icy cold cut straight through my bones.
The crimson tide must be rising again.
So take one good look in the mirror.
It’ll be the last time before you turn back to soil.
Track Name: Plagues Within
This won't be easy.
I just hope I'll see the sun again.
Blackness plagues my mind.
Overwhelming all my senses.

Pushing through the jagged edges,
Bordered by your vacant lies.
I close my eyes and know
the winds of change are blowing.

Deconstructing my surroundings.
Broken by the unknown past.
Am I forsaken like the rest?
And left for dead.

I cry out to the skies.
If there's a will there's a way.
I will stand up against the odds.
Remaining here to brace fate.

This empty feeling
won’t go away tonight.
I bear this pain alone.
Rotting from the inside out.

Wake up from the ordinary.
Fill the air with all your passion.
Now close your eyes and know
The winds of change are blowing

Recognize the taste of freedom.
Let go the flame that burns within.
Strengthen the ties that bind us,
Against the enemy.

No, don't surrender,
in spite of the trials that I've been through.
I'll stay here and wage war until my final gasp.

Life is beauty, it sparks the heart and lights the soul.
Learn this from the fallen one and don't descend below.

Remaining here to embrace my fate.
Track Name: Beneath These Words
Blood-soaked diamonds line the soil.
Listen to what they have to say.

Red letters from sacred days.
Prose even for the adversary.
Reluctant to take it in,
The truth beneath these words.

And what I've become now,
Fragments of my former self.

Encased in deceiving shadow,
Hearts under pressure caving in.
My spirits slowly breaking,
It's time to give up the ghost.

Screams fill the air, but not my own.
Watching my silent sorrow.

And all you know has been a lie.

Grasp these terms of boundless wisdom.
Words lined with unseen gems.